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Want to keep the label from your wine bottle?

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Good question!  This is a common question and it pleases me because I realise more and more people are finding wines that they love and want to remember for the future.

So how do you remove the label from a bottle of wine? Nowadays, the obvious is to take a picture with your phone and print it out if you want a hard copy.

If you want to remove the actual label to keep this is quite easy nowadays as most labels will come off using the ‘quick blast in the oven’ method. Heat oven to about 350/400 degrees and turn it off. Put the empty bottle in for just a couple of minutes until it gets really hot. Then remove the bottle, lift a corner of the label with your fingernail or knife edge and start peeling back. It will (should) come right off without any tearing.

Some labels need to be boiled off. Boil enough water and immerse the bottle for a minute, or until the label starts lifting at the corners. You should be able to peel it all the way off at this stage.

Good luck!



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