Cookie Policy



What is a Cookie?


A ‘cookie’ is simply a small text file that is downloaded to your computer or mobile by a website. It doesn’t actually come from the website, but rather the server where the website is located.

Nearly every website you visit nowadays uses cookies. They do this to improve your viewing experience. Only the hosting server, the hosting that the website is on, is able to retrieve or read the contents of a cookie.

Each cookie downloaded is unique to your internet browser (Firefox, Opera etc.) so if you visit a website that uses 3 cookies with 3 browsers, you will have 9 cookie files downloaded to your computer. These files are very small and will use hardly any disc space at all.

Most cookie files include some anonymous information, such as identifying numbers or codes and the site name and some other data and this information allows the website to remember things like your login details if used or your site preferences.

Cookies also have other tasks such as allowing you navigate between pages efficiently, storing your preferences and generally improving your experience of a website.

A Cookie file helps to make the interaction between you and the website you are visiting faster and easier.

Some people think the idea of a website storing information about them on their computer or mobile device is intrusive and if you feel this way, you don’t have to allow cookies if you don’t want to. Just turn them off in your browser!

You can block just one, some, or all cookies from being downloaded in most browsers nowadays and delete existing ones, temporarily or permanently, but deleting cookie files may mean you will lose some functionality from any websites that they are associated with.



What cookies does use?


From time to time, we include the option to subscribe. During these periods we will use cookies to enhance a subscribers subscription. We will use cookies to remember your name and your subscriber preferences.

We may include links to third party sites. If you access other site via links from, the cookie policy for that site will apply and has no authority over cookies used on these third party sites.