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Pete Whieldon on ArmagnacThis spirit is arguably the oldest in France. It was first  distilled in the early to mid 15th century.

The growing and production area is situated in the area south of Bordeaux, in western France and has a long viticultural history  stretching back to the Romans.

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The Cognac they call Courvoisier

Peter Whieldon - on Courvoisier CognacIt started in the early 1800s with a chance meeting of two respected merchants who became business partners and created what is considered by some to be the finest superior Cognac in the world.

The men were Emmanuel Courvoisier and Louis Gallois.

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Welcome to the Wine & Spirits blog!

Welcome to the Peter Whieldon wine and spirits blog!Hello and Welcome to the PeterWhieldon wine and spirits blog!

This blog contains informative facts, reports and reviews and also includes our advice and recommendations on all alcoholic beverages. If you are interested in wines and spirits and would like to know more, keep looking in.  You can drop us a mail any time if you need to know anything regarding wines.